Shine Bright -"Miss Asia Pageant 2020" In this new era of information age, the Internet connects the world as the stars connect the universe and galaxies.

This year, "Miss Asia Pageant 2020" will connect the most dazzling cluster of stars in the boundless sky and search for the one which blooms, sparkles and shines.

The one who leads the trend in this new era will be bathed in the limelight and show their most intellectual, unique and gleaming style with the most elegant and confident manner wherever they are.

Shine bright and start now! Apply now for the "Miss Asia Pageant 2020".

Miss Asia Pageant 2020


Beauty Pageant - The Promotion of Cultural Exchange

Contestants from Miss Asia Pageant Finals will represent Asia to show everyone various types of feminine beauty and express the most prospective value in this modern world today. Through multicultural exchanges and goodwill visits in different regions, Miss Asia are on a significant mission to promote cultural and charitable exchanges as a cultural ambassador.

Beyond Hong Kong and Go Global

Asia Television has years of experience in artists producing and talents cultivating. Over the years, ATV has nurtured countless popular singers, film and television stars, and Miss Asia has taken an important role among all those ATV stars. ATV is actively expanding their business in the online media platforms these years in order to allow Miss Asia to take a further step to perform not only in Hong Kong, but in Mainland China and even the world, thus the Miss Asia could have numerous opportunities to show their talents in front of the world.

Professional Star-Making Team – Let Them Shine!

ATV provides all-round one-stop professional training for artists starting from the moment that the contestants being shortlisted to the Miss Asia Pageant Finals. The training content covered acting, singing, image design, costume design, etiquette, drama performance, body expression, variety show performance, improvisation, song composing, lyrics writing and other professional training in different aspects. ATV aims to shape each of the artist to be a multi-talented and all-round performer.

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Miss Asia Pageant 2020

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